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Summer Camp 2015 Field Trip Schedule

May 26th - 29th: Summer Camp Orientation Week



June 1st - 5th: Hollywood Connections


        8th - 12th: Petland / Pet Shelter


        15th - 19th: Butt Mill Farm


        22nd - 26th: Botanical Gardens


        29th - July 3rd: Bowling



July   6th - 9th: Coca - Cola Space Center


        13th - 17th: Restaurant Outing


        20th - 24th: Infantry Museum


        27th - 31st: Hollywood Connections / Visit from the Dentist


Call for additional details: 706-225-0101



The cost of the field trips are $80 per child for current clients (this cost is only for the field trips).


All others please contact us for pricing.

* This is just a list of field trips that will take place this summer. Children will continue to have individual skill acquisition plans. *

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